Agile Software Process

In the past, Agile development was originally imagined for clustered teams, or teams physically located together in the same office. In keeping with the idea that “the most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation”.

Today most smart businesses have a few – or several – distributed agile teams. This isn’t just a trend; it makes good business sense. Distributed agile teams can work on projects around the clock, and strong talent can be found in less competitive markets – saving time and money.

Top 10 Benefits of Agile Development

Stakeholder engagement


Early & predictable delivery

Predictable costs & schedule

Allows for change

Focuses of business value

Focuses on users

Risk management

Improves quality

More rewarding process

Softvision has advanced training and experience using agile software development processes to work in a collaborative environment with our clients to empower the development teams to deploy digital solutions faster, with more functionality and higher quality than they have ever been delivered before.

The advantages of agile software development practices are woven into the culture and fabric of our teams. We flourish in sprint cycles that stress continuous strategic planning, testing and integration. Let us help you meet your most aggressive and tactical business objectives by leveraging our experiences using agile development methodologies.

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