Application Maintenance & Support

Softvision takes a product-minded approach to all of our client work.

This approach lends itself to deploying scalable enterprise software with the intention of long term viability. Our dedicated team model includes engineers experienced in developing your software while also supporting it to ensure it stays fresh from a design and usability perspective.

We at Softvision can review your current applications and make sure that they are aligned with current business needs. Software development is an evolving practice and the key to making sure that your current software is meeting the needs of your business as it grows depends upon having a team that understands your business and is truly vested in your success.

That is the model of Softvision, as our developers are an extension of your team and work peer-to-peer with your developers and execs. As innovation within the technology occurs, customer behavior changes and you have to adapt and evolve quickly. We can integrate existing applications and products with newer, more modern ones while maintaining continuous engagement with the end users.

General elements covered include:

Ongoing review of end-user feedback (both internally and in the application stores, if applicable)

Tracking crashes and other bugs that arise

OS and macro changes that require updates to stay current and operating effectively

Analytics reporting

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