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Big Data Analytics

As the leader in CPG Big Data Analytics, Shiloh NEXT is the smart analytics solution for both retailers and vendors.

By applying advanced technology, statistics and science, we can quickly deliver vital information you can use to take your business to the NEXT level. Shiloh NEXT is dedicated to providing the most innovative, cutting-edge technology to master your big data analytics needs.  Learn more about Softvision’s big data analytics solutions > 

This powerful tool provides visibility across your entire business, unlocking actionable insights to improve your bottom line through reporting, forecasting, inventory management, advanced order writing and more. Shiloh NEXT’s powerful analytics engine gives you even greater flexibility and deeper insights across your entire enterprise, to ultimately improve your bottom line.


Collect, harmonize and streamline your data through a secure, privately-hosted cloud platform.


Translate raw information from multiple sources into your company’s own preferred language.


Analyze the data for actionable insights, revealing hidden risks and opportunities across multiple areas.  Learn more >

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