CRM Integration

CRM Integration

We at Softvision are here to help you make the most of your SugarCRM platform.

We are a digital software development firm that is a certified Sugar partner with deep experience in helping companies implement, integrate, customize and upgrade their use of Sugar.

Implement – for first-time SugarCRM customers. We will work with your stakeholders to determine requirements for initial implementation and then install SugarCRM and configure the system to meet your needs.

Integrate – for first time and ongoing SugarCRM customers. Our team will analyze all of your current systems applications and platforms in order to build seamless integrations or leverage Sugar Marketplace add-ons. We will fully link each piece, and ensure proper data and work flow between them both for desktop and mobile users.

Customize – for first time and ongoing SugarCRM customers. We’ll work with your internal team to understand specific requirements/changes needed to customize the core SugarCRM tool that are not part of their standard configuration, then we’ll build them out through engineering efforts.

Upgrade – for ongoing SugarCRM customers. Our team will work with you to understand your current implementation and plot out a migration plan to move them to the latest SugarCRM version. This includes data migration and customizing the newest version to match existing functionality.

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