Demand Planning & Forecasting

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Accurate demand forecasting is crucial to fulfilling customer demand, while minimizing lost sales and overstocks.

Softvision provides multiple forecasting methods to accommodate the needs of any business, from a niche Internet-only retailer to a specialty catalog retailer and the most complex omni-channel retailer.

Regardless of the forecasting method used, Softvision’s demand forecasting solutions allow you to quickly access historical product demand for seasonal and promotional planning at any time. The Demand Forecasting functions fully integrate with the other modules in the Softvision planning suite to ensure that the demand aligns with the assortment plans and the inventory is available at the right time to support the demand.

Be in control of your Demand Forecasting!

Predictive analytics applies multiple forecast methods

Reconcile top-down and bottom-up plans

Forecast new items with like-item history

Exception reporting of high forecast variances on the user’s dashboard

Integrated with Inventory Planning and Purchasing

Automated forecasting by size and color

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