iBeacon / Proximity Engagement

Shopping is a social experience… iBeacon and and today’s technology innovations can enhance the in-store shopping experience by offering immediate savings and other benefits.


Wi-Fi free interaction within the store environment

On-demand product information, reviews & offers

Mobile payment transactions


Wi-Fi free interaction with consumers, in-store

Instant access to extended product data & detailed shopper info

In-store iPad kiosks to help diffuse service queues


Realtime visibility to personnel and shopper locations

Boost sales with optimized employee engagement

In-store analytics views in realtime

Through our BestFit Mobile ProxDK platform, Softvision has been a leader in proximity engagement, since before Apple’s introduction of iBeacon in 2013. Our platform allows brands to create a truly engaging in-store experience and arm sales associates with real-time visibility to which shoppers are in the store as well as their buying or loyalty history.

In addition, sales associates can interact directly via our differentiated Peer-2-Peer technology. The result is a personalized experience in your physical store, driving increased conversion and average consumer spend.

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