Page & Square Inch Planning

Page & Square Inch Planning

Multi-channel retailers understand the importance of square inch analysis within their catalog channel.

Replace the time-consuming measurement of space allocation with a ruler. Future assortment plans are dependent on understanding the profitability of individual products and pages as measured against spatial advertising expense and our solutions make it easy.

Softvision’s Page Analysis module solves this need with an integrated tool that measures square inches, allocates advertising expense to each product and displays each product’s and page’s profitability.  The tool provides a “click-and-drag” tool to measure space, which then allocates the appropriate advertising expense to the associated product and catalog.  You can even view the page images on-screen with their associated sales and profits metrics throughout the AllChannel applications.

Plan your profits inch by inch!

Measure product square inches on-screen

Allocate advertising expense

View page image and financial data within Demand Forecasting and Assortment Planning

Use the electronic “sticker book” to view the financial performance of each product with its visual image

Select from a wide range of page-based metrics, including demand and contribution margin per square inch and per 100,000 square inches

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