Create purchase orders anywhere, anytime, without the inefficiencies of spreadsheets or the constraints of your ERP system.

Softvision worked with a leading retail partner to develop a cloud-based purchasing solution that enables buyers to work with suppliers to the required level of detail – from a fully-completed purchase to a high-level commitment, with additional product details to follow. Whether purchasing as the direct result of an assortment plan or opportunity buying while market-shopping, this is a highly efficient purchasing tool that configures to each retailer’s specific requirements to free up time and increase speed-to-market.

Purchase efficiently and accurately!

Work from your computer, laptop or tablet – wherever you have Internet access

Manage purchase commitment to the level of detail required by the supplier

Product catalog integration allows for automated update of product information (UPC, etc.) from vendor catalogs or 3rd-party catalog services

Dynamic screen is customizable by user, department and more to fit the attribute needs of the products

Embedded analytics engine supports detailing of a purchase order to the required location, single DC, multiple DCs and/or stores

Size and pack optimization algorithms optimize the purchase order details by size and/or pack

Integrate with your ERP system, so the buyer can manage all purchase order activities – creation and administration — from a single application

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