Recovery Services

The next generation of recovery audit services is here – lower costs, near real-time audit processing, and automated technology tools for your internal teams.

Softvison is a technology services and solutions company, not a contingency recovery audit firm. Softvision provides automated technology tools to in-house recovery audit teams, maximizing internal recoveries. Our automated solution enables internal teams to process 4X more claims in the same amount of time.

Benefits To Our Customers:

Increase the efficiency of the internal team with automated processes versus inefficient and error-prone manual processes.

Expand and audit the same categories as a traditional post-audit team thereby reducing post-audit expenses.

Audit closer to the transaction date, maximizing recoveries and decreasing the claim approval time.

Improve your bottom line and vendor relations.

Significant reduction in primary and secondary audit fees.

Utilize web-based technology to provide management and vendors with greater accessibility to the entire claims lifecycle.

Identify new insights into your data and find potential overpayments potentially even before they occur.

In addition to standard internal recovery auditing, Softvison offers comprehensive, flexible upgrades for existing financial processes to accommodate your specific recovery needs. Softvision Internal Recovery Audit Advantage helps retailers increase cash flow and productivity, while decreasing external recovery audit costs by finding the cause and pattern of in-process errors.

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