The Future Of In-Store Mobility

The Future Of In-Store Mobility

April 7, 2016

Last week (3/31/2016), at the TAG Retail Tech / TAG Mobility joint session, we got a chance to hear from some of Atlanta’s technology leaders about mobility in retail and, what retailers are using to exceed their clients’ expectations. The panelists included: Matt Jones (GM of Mobile from Home Depot), Corey Voglesonger (VP of Technology Strategy and Innovation at Aaron’s Inc), Susan Adams (Global IT Director at Coca-Cola), Bryan Amaral (Founder and CEO of Clientricity), and Bob Klein (CEO of Digital Scientists).

In the vast world of retail, mobile technology can be an incredibly important part of client engagement and staying ahead of the game. It is what can set retailers apart from their competitors. During the session, we got a chance to hear about some exciting initiatives that demonstrate just that.

We heard about pre-approved financing completed before a customer even enters an Aaron’s store and about creating an amazing, flavorful Coca-Cola concoction that can be purchased with the click of a button. The crazy thing is, it is all being done from a client’s phone! No new devices to train store employees on and roll out across stores. Delaying the process and driving up the costs. The employee simply has to deliver the experience.

The key to all of this innovation is not being afraid to try something new and with cost contained by using the consumers own device, it becomes a lot more affordable to take the risk. These retailers are now at the forefront of disruptive technologies that are changing the shopping experience as we know it.

Matt Jones from Home Depot made it very clear that the associate has the most difficult job in the Home Depot store. Customers to Home Depot often want and need more than just a direction finder. They have a project, repair or installation and need to make sure they have covered all the bases.

Mobile technology allows the organization to arm sales associates with knowledge/information that he or she needs to provide the customer with the highest level of care and make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible. For example, having to memorize detailed information for thousands of SKU’s is a thing of the past and can now be accessed without having to walk away from the customer. Online reviews of products can also be accessed from a mobile app which allows the user to make a much more informed purchase.

With all of the advancements in mobile technology, moving at the speed of light, it makes you wonder what is coming next. Whatever it is, you can be sure that the panelists from the TAG Mobility and Retail event will be the ones thinking outside of the box to make sure that you (the customer) are nothing short of amazed.