Why Pop-Up Stores Are The Rage

Why Pop-Up Stores Are The Rage

May 10, 2016

I’ m the kind of shopper that is always looking for great gifts and unique items. I’ m looking for those one-of-a-kind exciting finds that generate the most flattering question, “Where did you get that?” Thus, I find myself shopping outside the normal channels such as malls, and there is a plethora of alternative shopping experiences. Welcome pop-up stores! Last weekend, I met up with my usual running club, and we ended our run at the Green Market. I sampled a delightful Omega Munch from Nicobella Organics(chocolate with health benefits) and I bought 3 bags!

When you hear the term “pop-up store” you might be thinking of a magical store that springs to life from the pages of a fairy godmother’ s book.

While they may spring, not from magic, rather they are magical in the retail sense. These pop-up stores allow retailers to create new channels for selling that they otherwise might not have. Not only can they make the brand and marketing exciting by offering short-term specials and one of a kind items that might not be available in their regular stores, they allow retailers to open in seasonal locations for a few short months, days, hours, or even be showcased by a related retailer as a store-within-a-store. While at the same time ensuring that the next time the pop-up store consumer takes a trip to the local shopping center that their brands are foremost in their mind.

How about a fashion retailer who puts some of their newest designs on a truck, rolls across the country to smaller, underserved communities and sells out of parking lots? High-end brands that open in The Hamptons for the summer or maybe the Lush store-within-a-store at selected Macy’ s? Think what that can do for a brand. And, for a marketing person –It’ s a field day!

We live in a ‘ concierge economy’ and pop-ups are a great way to take the retailer to the consumer.

So, every time I hear about a pop-up store, I have to check it out. Sure, I might pick up a new product, but at the same time, I want to see how they do it. There is something about the technology that goes into a pop-up store that is astounding. The planning and execution of these stores are sometimes better than some established stores. Years ago, the challenge was accepting credit card payments, but now most pop-up vendors are enabled for mobile payments, such as Square. Not to mention the more personalized service they often render.

If I were to have to pick one word about pop-up stores though it would be exciting. There is always a rush of energy about them. The sense of urgency, the sense of adventure, it is all there. So easy is to take a regular store for granted. It’ ll always be there. With a pop-up store though it could disappear tomorrow, next week, or in an hour. You never know. That is where the true magic of the pop-up shop is.

I can always enjoy the thrill of a new pop-up, but it is the buzz and excitement that this particular marketing trend creates that it is amazing.