Kroger Reveals New Technology for Brick and Mortar Shoppers

Insider’s insights from our interview with Heather Ackels, General Manager Research Enterprise Enablement, Kroger Technology

This past March, Softvision hosted a panel at the Retail Innovation Lounge at SXSW, where we had the chance to interview Heather Ackels, General Manager of Research Enterprise Enablement for Kroger Technology.

Heather spoke about what she’s most excited about in retail innovation, including the in-store digital experience.

“We’re focused on digital signage and changing video analytics and changing the handhelds in the customers’ hands, their interaction on their phones. I mean, we’re giving them a full digital experience inside of a brick and mortar.”

Kroger’s newest digital experience is “Scan, Bag, Go.” Scan, Bag, Go allows customers to scan and bag as they shop, then pay from their phone and walk out the door.

But how does Kroger Technology make sure they get it right for their customers? According to Heather, the company does a lot of simulations and iterations, as well as customer focus groups. They also own a company called 8451 that helps with customer analytics to make sure they’re providing the “right products to the right demographic.”

Heather reveals that a key to their success is “through partnership and listening and making sure that people always come first.”

To watch the full interview, click here.

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