Codecamp Conference in Timisoara, April 21


Codecamp Timisoara | April 21, 2018

Codecamp is one of the largest IT conferences in Romania. The conference focuses on a multitude of topics and takes place in several locations, so there’s truly something for everyone.

On April 21, Codecamp comes to Timisoara to cover AI/ML/Data Science, Machine Learning, Software Architecture, IoT, Cloud, Testing, and more. As a returning partner of Codecamp, Softvision is excited to announce five speakers from Softvision will be sharing their expert insights.

When:  April 21, 2018
Where: The West University of Timișoara
Cost:  Free
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The Softvision Talks, Timisoara:

Slow Down in Order to Speed Up, with Andreea Bozesan

I’m a PM and juggling is my game. Switching between tasks and projects, from briefings to status meetings, resource allocations…not to mention all the other admin tasks and distractions going on throughout the day. In the end it doesn’t matter how many balls you can juggle, there is a limit on how many balls you can juggle effectively. Let’s discuss together on how we can better manage multiple tasks and multiple projects at once.


The Future of Micro Service Virtualization, with Lupu George-Paul
As internet solutions infrastructure moves further away from traditional monolithic setups and more towards modularized structures, we investigate what Docker brings to the table. As one of the most popular solutions that are shaping up to bring this way of thinking to the foreground, we take a look at what it means to dockerize a service.


Migrate from Monolith to Microservice, Why, When, Where? With Adrian Clepcea
This session presents the reasons, the challenges and the solutions needed for a successful migration from one architecture to another. It also points out the good and the bad parts of each one and tries to draw some conclusions.


Diving into a Technical Interview, with Alexandru Dumencu
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to hold a technical interview? What should you focus on, what do you need to do and how to handle yourself? Have you ever thought about what an interviewer is looking for? Alexandru discusses practical considerations and shares caveats and other interesting stories.


Transformation – Reason or Emotion Driven? With Marius Baghiu
This session will explore the question: Do we feel the need to transform or is the industry providing the reason behind it?

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