Cognizant Softvision at Edge Design Talks #4: Presenting at “Meet the Locals”

Cognizant Softvision participates at Edge Design Talks #4, March 1-3, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Meet the Locals is an event within Edge Design Talks that aims to promote local talent, offer a place for designers and other creative professionals in the community to share their ideas and knowledge, as well as to serve as a conversation starter in the local creative community. Learn More

Cognizant Softvision Talk: “Designing a Design Team”

Our colleague from the Cluj-Napoca Studio, Botond (Boti) Palko, Senior UX Designer, will talk about “Designing a Design Team” at this event.

“Dealing with processes that are rooted in empathy and user-centricity are efficient practices we preach every day to our clients. But what about when it comes to grow a team of designers and you need to apply similar methods in-house? How to cultivate a comfortable but efficient culture for your squad? This presentation is about people, drama queens and leprechauns,” says Boti.


About Boti

Boti has been carefully handcrafting experiences like this since they were called “Web Designers.” He is currently Senior UI/UX Designer at Softvision, and enjoys trying is hand at writing on Medium, training folks and speaking at design events. Above all, he is a proud husband and dad.

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