What Pixar Can Teach Us About AI & Machine Learning

Softvision’s CEO, Andres Angelani, Authors Article for MarTech Series

May 17, 2018 – Softvision’s CEO, Andres Angelani, shares his insights with MarTech Series, an online publication that covers Marketing Technology. The article, “What Pixar Can Teach Us About AI & Machine Learning,” details several tips to keep in mind when taking the first steps to “embrace and explore the potential of AI.”

Throughout the article, Andres refers to the 2004 Pixar movie, The Incredibles, where a family battles Omnidroid, a robot programmed with artificial intelligence. In the movie, the Omnidroid robot used supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms. What’s that, you ask? That’s where Andres’ first tip comes in – know the lingo.

“There are two types of machine learning algorithms commonly used today – supervised and unsupervised. In a supervised learning mode, what has been learned in the past is used to analyze new data, while unsupervised algorithms are capable of inferring from new datasets.”

Andres’ second piece of advice? Know what others are doing. It’s important to be aware of how companies today, such as Waze or financial institutions, are leveraging AI. In the retail space, in particular, Softvision developed an interactive mirror that marries the physical and digital store, providing a unique shopping experience.

Lastly, Andres recommends to know your limitations.

“Understand what is possible, get to know your data, and start small. Rely on experts to hold your hand during this new and exciting journey, and invest in a project where you can demonstrate proof of concept and ROI.”

“Fourteen years ago many of us were introduced to the future. Well, the future is here, and to borrow a line from Elastigirl, ‘It’s Time to Engage.’”  

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