QA Community Holds First Ever QA Automation Challenge

Softvisioners Enhance Communication, Knowledge, Engagement and Fun in a Series of Monthly Challenges

In September 2018, Cognizant Softvision celebrated Programmers’ Week, our largest technical event. During this week, our Softvisioners from all Communities have the opportunity to present Tech Talks for their colleagues around the world.

During 2018 Programmers’ Week, the QA Community held their first challenge. After seeing how enthusiastic the community was, the QA Community Leadership wanted to offer additional challenges to further enhance communication, fun, engagement and knowledge sharing. The leadership team decided to create a challenge on a different topic each month, along with courses, tutorials, books, Podcast recommendations and a Tech Talk.

As the QA Community has several engineers doing automation at advanced levels, but also some who would love to start learning more about it, the leadership team drafted different challenges.

The challenges range from finding topic gurus to sharing tips and tricks or preferred tools, and the questions and answers, and the questions and answers were given via the QA Community’s group within Workplace.

The First Challenge – Security Testing
The challenges kicked off in December with Security Testing as theme. A Tech Talk was hosted by Simon Bennetts, OWASP’s Zed Attack Proxy lead and member of the Mozilla in the cloud services security team. Bennetts covered web security and cross-site scripting attacks, minimum QA checks and  code injection, as well as tools recommendations.

Security Testing related challenges were presented to the community for 15 days, including specific actions that needed to be done in order to understand the project and topic more thoroughly. Challenges included finding and using a mobile security tool and finding and sharing a useful video about automation in testing.

January 2019 – Accessibility Testing
On January 9, Stefan Judis from Accessibility Club Berlin hosted “Intro into Accessibility Testing,” covering A11y testing. Softvisioners again participated in daily challenges, such as use a tool like WAVE to scan a web page for accessibility problems or research the benefits of inclusive design.

February 2019 – Automation Testing
February’s Tech Talk was held on the 19th, with four of Cognizant Softvision’s experts leading the discussion on Value and Metrics in Automation. Alexandru Belean, Radu Pop, Dorin Pop and Liviu Dorneanu revealed the answers to questions, such as:

  • Why do we automate?
  • What and when do we automate?
  • How do we monitor automation effectiveness and efficiency?
  • How do we integrate with other roles in the team?
  • How to advertise our results to the customer

Challenges included sharing how to manage test data in automated checks and creating and sharing a script that generates random data.


A total of 18 eager Softvisioners from our Romanian Studios and Ukraine have participated in the challenges, 11 in the beginners level and seven in the advanced level. At the end of the month, the submissions are reviewed and the one that fulfills the most correctly wins a cool techy prize, in addition to notoriety and knowledge, of course.

Special thanks to Automation Challenge organizers, Ioana Chiorean, QA Community Lead, with the help of Alexandru Belean.

We look forward to continuing these monthly challenges with topics such as API testing, General QA, e-commerce and many more.

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