Softvision Joins Forces with Cognizant, Triggered by Digital Transformation Demand

Softvision Featured in Nearshore Americas

October 10, 2018 – Nearshore Americas, a “multi-channel business built to inspire greater understanding and engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean,” recently published an article covering Cognizant’s acquisition of Softvision.

“Continuing the trend of Nearshore-related acquisitions, IT services giant Cognizant has announced the purchase of digital engineering company Softvision, adding 2,850 developers to its pool of resources.”

Cognizant has been investing in digital transformation, something which Softvision is heavily committed to.

“Cognizant wants to become the leading player in the digital economy, so they took notice of Softvision and the interesting digital transformation projects we have been realizing. On our side, we wanted to continue scaling, and can now do so with the help of Cognizant’s digital engineering teams,” said Andres Angelani, Softvision’s CEO.

Andres, who was named Nearshore Voyager of the Year 2018, also discussed how the partnership is a strategic move for both sides.  Cognizant can give Softvision access to much larger businesses and Fortune 100 clients, while Softvision brings expertise and assistance for financial services, retail, media, technology and telecoms, and more over time.

The article reveals that the agreement will be fully closed in 4Q18, and that the Softvision brand will remain intact.

To read the full article, click here.

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