Java Quiz SDET Activity: A Fun Way to Learn

New Softvisioners Test their Knowledge to Enhance Technical and Non-Technical Skills

January 29, 2019, India – As part of Software Developer In Test (SDET) activities, the QA Community in India conducted a quiz among the group on Java.

This event was organized exclusively for the new Softvisioners who recently joined the QA Community to gauge their technical knowledge in a fun way. With events such as these, each member can enhance both technical and non-technical skills and take a step forward toward becoming an SDET professional, or simply, an SDET.

An SDET is an IT professional who can work equally effectively in development and testing, thereby taking part in the complete software development process.

For this SDET Quiz, five teams of four went through five rounds of questions: rapid fire, play with patterns, code for the colour, buzzer round, and bonus round.

Congratulations to the winners, Akhila haridas, Deepthi singh, Ramya M and Thejaswi K., who will receive certificates in the coming days.

Thanks to all who participated, including the organizer, Shrinidhi Harish and the Evaluater, Manjunathan B., for making the sessions even more epic.

Stay tuned for more exciting activities like this in the near future!


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